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Championed by Col. 4" Screw Spacing Bottom Bolt Release Aluminum Black Savage Short - Fits all Savage 10/110 series rifles chambered for the 223 Rem. to use 5 and 10 round AICS pattern magazines from Magpul without  A combat proven feature of all our sniper rifles is the polymer and alloy chassis ( not merely a stock), which provides the rigidity, strength and durability necessary   30M1 · Accu-Tek · Accusport · Aftermarket · AIA · AICS · Anschutz · Archangel · Arisaka · Arsenal Firearms · Baikal CZ Magazine CZ 452, 455 22 Long Rifle 10 Round Polymer Black Legacy Sports Detachable Conversion Kit Magazines ( Plastic) Howa, Remington Aftermarket Magazine Savage 23D 22 Hornet 5 Round. Some Stocks for Long Action Too! Modular Driven Technologies (MDT) is the leading Chassis System manufacturer for precision shooting. Magpul Industries is an American designer and manufacturer of high-quality consumer products, including firearms accessories and electronics cases. While $928 puts you at a price point on par with a Remington 700 or a well equipped Savage 10, those rifles aren’t running a customizable chassis system with an AICS style magazine. PTG Trigger Guard Assembly for AICS Detachable Box Magazine Savage 10 Series Short Action with 4. CDI Precision Detachable Bottom Metal for Savage Short Action Staggered Feed (4. Magazines available: . Notes: Compatible with Accuracy International and C Products AICS-Pattern 5 and 10 round magazines. 308 / 10 round (steel) . EuroOptic stocks Chassis Systems and rifle stocks from Accuracy International, GRS, Sisk, and more - ready to ship to you today. Savage Model 10 Series Short Action Center feed(4. The PTG AICS Detachable Magazine Bottom Metal for the Ruger American short action rifle allows the  The Patriot Valley Arms magazine conversion kit offers shooters the option to use standard AICS 10rd magazines with new internal components. Upgrade your Savage Varmint / Tactical short action (4. Savage Stevens Gun Parts Sight Scopes Ebay. . Total cost $928. These are quality magazines made by Savage Arms to their specs for specific models. Jeff “Four Rules” Cooper in the 1980s, the argument for the scout rifle design is that by placing the scope further forward on the barrel of a lightweight rifle you have better situational awareness, faster target acquisition and quick follow-up shots. notching out the bottom of the feed ramp) to prevent the bullet tips from catching on the bottom of the feed ramp (see photo below). Put through vigorous testing, although not unbreakable, cars and trucks have been driven over them which did not break them. With double the capacity of our standard 5-rounder, the PMAG 10 7. 00 In this particular case we have the Savage model 10 Precision Carbine. 243 Win, and . Savage Medium - Fits all Savage 10/110 series rifles chambered for 22-250 Rem, 243 Win and 308 Win. Doubt there is a $700 difference between the way the two shoot. After research bought Savage Stealth 10 BA based on rep for affordable accuracy. Over the years the design has changed and most recently we have seen some different variations of the system from model to model which has created a lot of confusion. This makes the rifle out of the box have detachable 10 round magazines with an HS Precision Stock and is chambered in 6. Darkeagle Customs makes 10 round magazines that fit the factory bottom metal in the Savage rifles. Given the impending release of Magpul's AICS mags, I knew that it would be cheaper in the long haul to make this switch and just feed the gun with Magpul for $35-40 per magazine. Gunstocks for Your Savage Rifle Custom and Exotic Rifle Stocks to fit Savage Short Action Models 10, 11, 12, 14, 16. Purchase a Remington 700 Detachable Magazine Conversion Kit from H-S Precision today with Free Shipping! Turn your hinged floor plate Remington 700 into a magazine fed rifle in minutes! Order online or give us a call at: 605-341-3006. The bolt knobs shown are not included with handle and are an additional charge Short Action Aics 10rd Pmag Ac Magazine 308 Winchester is best in online store. Savage models 10/110 11/111 12/112 16/116 For rifles with the bolt release at the bottom, the bolt release can be engaged through the side of the chassis, using a pin or tool. In addition to Savage magazines and gun clips, we also carry gun clips and gun magaz Sportsman's Guide has your Savage 10 FCP-SR . While Savage has no such thing available, a small Ohio based gun shop, called Sharp Shooter Supply, makes a 9 round detachable box magazine for the After a little simple fitting with basic tools, some basic mechanical ability, a few hardware items and a weekend, the AICS airsoft stock for a rimfire conversion gets a thumbs up so far without a performane test of the rifle. The PMAG 10 7. Rings; Mounts 6 BR AICS Conversion Kit- 10rd-The 6BR AICS Magazine Conversion was designed to address the need for reliable feeding of short standard bolt face cartridges such as the 6BR, 6. Savage Parts at Pacific Tool and Gauge. Uses a tempered steel spring. Pricing information ofAics Short Action 308 Winchester Magazine 10 Rounds is provided with the listed merchants. Comes standard with a five-round capacity for hunting-regulation compliance, but can be modified by the user to a six-round capacity for field, completion and tactical use. Accurate-Mag magazines and bottom  "Atlasworxs Bottom Metals (AICS) are made to utilize the most reliable Detachable Box Atlasworxs Bottom Metal / DBM (AICS) - Savage Model 10 / 11 / 12 SA. someone should make a conversion that accepts AR-10 mags. . I just got a Savage hog hunter to drop into the AI AICS I picked up for a Savage short action. 4" Screw Spacing Bottom Bolt Release Aluminum Black. Carcano - Bolt Action - Rifles - Apex Gun Parts. Magazine not included. MDT Chassis Systems and Accessories for Bolt Action Rifles JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Product Description You must be 18 years of age to purchase this item Feed your rifle with the PMAG 10 7 62 AC Magazine Reliable and durable the PMAG 10 7 62 AC is designed for the 308 Winchester based family of cartridges and is compatible with short action AICS-spec bottom metal to include the Bolt Action AI Magazines. 308 Winchester based family of cartridges. Call (570) 368-3920 Re: AICS AIRSOFT STOCK for Rimfire Conversion Review Is it wrong that Im planning on buying this stock before I have the Bolt . 10rd . AICS magazines were originally developed for the AI rifles and AI Chassis System (AICS) but are now utilized in detachable box magazine (DBM) floorplates from several different manufacturers and are available in either 5 round or 10 round configuration. I will call in short name as Short Action Aics 10rd Pmag Ac Magazine 308 Winchester For those who are looking for Short Action Aics 10rd Pmag Ac Magazine 308 Winchester review. We have partnered with CDI Precision to install detachable magazine bottom metal in our most popular Choate Tactical Stocks for the Savage model 10 series rifles. Shop with confidence. The Savage will shoot as well as or better than a Remington out of the box and has a better extractor. Even more recently, Savage has teamed with Ashbury Precision Ordnance (APO) and developed a reputation for ultra-long-range precision rifles with the Savage Ashbury Precision and the Savage Stealth 10 BA, able to reliably engage targets at maximum ranges with rounds like the 6. I have tried the action in an MDT chassis that uses AICS mags, and some AICS pattern mags work and some don't, so go figure. New to LR shooting. Tactical Components Llc Remington 700 Magaxine Extension . Order Accuracy International's Short Action 10 round Magazine for 308 Winchester or variant at low online prices! The Savage Model 10 FCP – SR topped with a Vortex Razor HD riflescope and sitting on an Atlas BT10 bipod. Replace lost or damaged magazines, or have extra magazines in your pocket for quick reloading in the field. If at the time will discount more Savings So you already decide you want have Magpul Pmag 10 7 62ac Aics Short Action Magazine 7 for your, but you don't know where to get the best price for this Magpul Pmag 10 7 62ac Aics Short Action Magazine 7 . REM if anybody is interested (this used to be a blind box feed)Its a job I always wanted to do to this rifle but found it very hard to get any info for it on the web. – Savage Model 10 –Matte – Right Hand – Short Action – Small Shank – . Apparently, they had some feeding issues and the 10 rounders' did not function very well. The Magpul Pmag 10 7 62ac Aics Short Action Magazine 7 . 3 week turnaround or faster. 400". 308 and 6. Yes, 10rd Magazine - ((Complete Specifications)) are : Savage Arms 10/110 BA Stealth Law Enforcement Series Bolt Action Rifle 22637 - Right Hand Bolt Action - . 308 Winchester 10 Rounds Steel Blued 55183 Savage 10BA Magazine . New Model 110 With Accufit An American Classic reinvented. This is for Newer Savage rifles, and Stevens 200 Rifles that have bolt screw spacing dimensions of 4. 850 Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 308 Savage 10ba 10 Round Magazine at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! "I contacted Savage and they sent me a new magazine (but it's exactly the same as what I have so it won't help)" FWIW, I have one of those, and both of my stock mags work fine. Magazine Compatibility: This conversion works with any Accuracy International (AICS) long action compatible magazines. MDT LSS-XL Gen 2 Chassis + Magpul PRS Gen 3 + Savage 10 FCP (308 Short Action (AICS) Pattern Savage has offered a detachable box magazine option on most of their bolt-action centerfire rifles since 1966. Kwik Klip Remington® Model 700 Clip Conversion Kit Instantly turns your Remington Model 700 into a clip gun for fast and efficient reloading in the woods. 5mm Creedmoor and . Ruckersville, VA. 308 based cartridge which are the AICS(Steel) and MDTAC(Polymer) ,but only a 5 round mag with the 22-250. short action with detachable box magazine capabilities with AICS magazines, what next? Find the lowest price on all type of 10/110, 11/111 and 14/114 on our website and satisfy all your 10/110, 11/111 and 14/114 needs. I offer detachable bottom metal for Howa 1500 Short action FN-SPR Rifles (Also works Flawless on FN-PBR Rifles. 62 AC brings additional capacity in an affordable and reliable package. a 223 savage Magpul Pmag 10 Aics Short Action 7 62 Ac 10-Round Magazine is actually the most popular commodities presented this 1 week. Savage rifle magazine conversion to 10 round capacity using Heckler & Koch steel G3 magazines. Show Tell Model 11 Conversion - Savage Shooters. Are you sure about this? Looking at posts on SavageShooters. And there is no annoying Glock-style safety lever in the middle of the trigger blade. Choose from: H-Series high performance in three unique AI colors GREEN DARK EARTH PALE BROWN Elite Series ultra high performance for unrivalled durability ELITE SAND ELITE MIDNIGHT PART NUMBER 26713GR 26713DE 26713PB 26713ES 26713EM PART NUMBER 26714GR 26714DE 26714PB 26714ES Misc. Mag is only for the BA 10, Will not fit a Fixed floor plate or Axis rifles. AXMC; AX/AT; AI Rails; AI BackPacks & Drag Bags; AI Backup Sights; AI Gun Care; AI Scope Mounts; Adapters; Optics/Mounts. 300 WSM Savage Detachable Mag Conversion Stock SA Converts Short Action (SA) Savage model 10 series Bolt Guns to Detachable Magazine compatibility (order mags separately). These are compatible with all AICS-pattern bottom metal and chassis systems, but most common actions such as Remington 700 and Savage 10/11 will require modifications to the receiver (i. Magazines available:  Converts Short Action Savage Bolt Guns to Detachable Magazine in our most popular Choate Tactical Stocks for the Savage model 10 series rifles. Savage, Howa, and Winchester models may require action modifications. It will give you have a much fuller understanding about the good and the bad of the Aics Short Action 308 Winchester Magazine 10 Rounds. Savage Savage 10 series(10 thru 16) Center feed Short Action DBM. com and SnipersHide, it sounds like Savage used Accurate Mag bottom metal and mags up to 2014, but the new 2015+ Savage 10-rnd mags are Savage's own Savage Model 10 BA Stealth Precision Rifle: Gun Review. 62 AC AICS Short Action is a highly reliable 10-round polymer magazine compatible with short action AICS-spec bottom metal for the . 850” magazine is compatible with Savage 110 338  22 Oct 2013 Can you take any previous blind magazine Savage, and convert it to a . 40") centerfeed rifle to the popular mil-spec AICS detachable magazine system. The Model 110 was designed by Nicholas Brewer in 1958 and has been in continuous production since. that is making a compatible/ comparable magazine t fit so I ordered 2 of these 10 round mags to see if I can cut them down to 5 round mags. Magazine Compatibility: This conversion works with any Accuracy International ( AICS)  14 Jun 2018 AM bottom metals are often the choice of OEM rifle makers such as Remington, Savage, and Weatherby. 62mm caliber. This includes Magpul (671 and 698 AICS models) and MDT AICS The Savage Model 10 FCP-SR is offered as part of Savages’s law enforcement series of rifles. The 110 Series has a fresh look and a full complement of improvements. Installs in most factory and aftermarket stocks with some minor inletting. Discount gun magazines and clips for Savage Firearms for sale online. The factory magazine is detachable and holds 4 rounds. e. 308 / 5 round (steel) . I just picked up an FCP-SR and it takes a proprietary Savage 10 round mag ( which I can only fit 9 rounds in ). 3x9-50 scope M1A bipod CASV rail 10/22 flash hider can someone recommend me where The PMAG 10 7. Convert your Remington 700 rifle to accept AICS compatible detachable box magazines. Savage® Magazines are compatible with Savage rifles. Savage’s Model 110 Scout is, as the name says, a “scout” rifle. We have additional information about Detail, Specification, Customer Reviews and Comparison Price. 62 AC magazine is optimized for the . 22LR AICS using a Savage MKII F finally got around to this conversion. AICS Chassis System Savage 2. I decided to pick up a couple of extended magazines before the precision rifle course. 10 rd aics/primal rights dasher conversion kits but want to use them on 5 rd mags. 308 Savage Arms has made its Law Enforcement Series even more versatile by adding a 10-round detachable box magazine to its new 10 FCP-SR rifles. 308 Win 10rd Black, Savage Arms part number 55183. Refurbishing your gun? Use the best parts. I don't have an AICS mag laying  Upgrade your Savage Varmint / Tactical short action (4. 308 Winchester based family of cartridges and is compatible with short action AICS-spec bottom metal, to include the Bolt Action Magazine Well for the Hunter 700 Stock, and in most platforms performs exceptionally well in similar, but non-. Accurate Mag is OEM for the Savage models that have a DBM. Consistent Accuracy. Since there is virtually no aftermarket mags ( or anything else for that matter) for the axis I was thinking this could be a cool little project to undertake. The Savage 10 FCP-SR fits the bill for an accurate, reliable and light rifle that’s easy to field. The gap at the back is normal for Savage actions when installed in our stocks. Quick View. HK G3 steel magazines are readily available and can be purchased for $3 for this modification. Savage has produced a high-performance long range precision rifle in the Model 10 BA Stealth. I own multiple Howa rifles and they are of unquestionable quality. 22's If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. 338 Lapua Magnum. 5 Creedmoor. Half the weight of their steel counterpart! Manufactured from high quality Polymer with a high glass content to ensure durability and strength. 715" AICS magazine wells. 0 308 Win replacement stock ready for immediate delivery. At Snyder Mags, we manufacture custom built -- all steel -- high capacity 10- and 15- Round extended magazines for several short-action Savage rifles. Being AICS pattern, the Magpul mags will fit. Also available in . Bolt Release should be on top right side of rifle(not in front of trigger guard). Designed to take down feisty porcine invaders, in a way this rifle has a bit in common with them. 3x9-50 scope M1A bipod CASV rail 10/22 flash hider can someone recommend me where i can get that tri rail? thing i still need to do: add a new bolt handle add a barrel shroud to cover the thin pencil barrel add a tri rail old stock _MG_3485 by defconskylude, on Flickr 10 BA in . The Atlasworxs Bottom Metal for Savage Model 10 / 11 / 12 with Centre Feed 4. Regardless of where your mission, hunt or leisure may take you we have a solution that will meet the needs of both you and your rifle. 308 Bolt Face – Tactical Bolt Handle – Factory 20 MOA Rail- 10 Round Magpul AICS Mag- Top Bolt Release- AccuTrigger: $520. This is intended to be a light-weight and easily portable tactical style rifle that does utilize Savage’s new AccuStock and detachable box magazine. I kept it because I want the 10 round capacity detachable magazine, but for this price I shouldn't have to sand and repaint the item. As soon as I saw the 10/110 BA Stealth I was drawn to its minimalist, modern chassis stock appearance and Savage’s reputation for accuracy. Long or Short action. Here is how to order: Detachable Box Mag Systems - Bottom Metal Installation is FREE at CDiPrecision, so add Stock Inletting or Full Install to your shopping cart and send us your rifle for installation by the experts. My thinking was that I could use the factory stock for awhile and just buy some aftermarket magazines. Savage Short Action Center feed DBM Low Bolt Release. (Not included) Savage Long Action in 338 Lapua Magnum Savage Long Action Chassis systems all use 3. 308 Win chamberings (price may vary) The Magpul PMAG 10 7. **ALL NEW EXTRACTOR KIT** If your Savage 10/110 or Savage Axis rifle has trouble extracting or ejecting spent cases, the Savage Improved Extractor Kit might just be the answer. Savage - Stevens 200 Rifle FAQ; Howa Mini Action; Howa 1500 - Weatherby Vanguard; Kimber 84-M; Kimber 8400 short and long action; Mauser 98; Remington 700 Short Action; Remington 700 Long Action; Remington Model 7 DBM; Ruger M77 and Gunsite Scout Rifle; Savage Model 10 Series ; Savage Model 10 low bolt; Savage 110 Long Action; Axis Short Action Savage magazines for sale online for most popular Savage guns, including Savage 10C and 11C magazines, Savage 116 magazines, Savage MKII magazines, and many other models. AX/AXMC Rifle Mags; AE/AW/AT Rifle Mags; AICS, AT Chassis Mags/Legacy; AX Chassis Mags; AI Accessories; AI AX Stock Conversion; Barrels. Brownells is your source for Savage Rifle Magazines at Brownells parts and accessories. Available for both long and short action Remington 700 rifles and a choice between our hunt or tactical magazine releases. 11 12 For Sale - Tractor Farm Supplies Store. It’s a factory chassis-built precision rifle with a real-world price tag of under a grand. 6-284 Action Long Range Hunting Forum. B C Medalist For Savage 110 La Stagger-Feed Your . We tested the latter, and it exceeded most expectations. Shooting never fit this good. The Savage Hog Hunter is a strange beast of a rifle. 5 Grendel, 6 Dasher, and 6BRX. CDI Precision Gunworks of Sarasota is the ultimate source for your aftermarket parts. Magpul Pmag 10 7 62ac Aics Short Action Magazine 7 . Reviews Savage Aics Magazine is best in online store. These kits take . As a . Hey I was just wondering if it is possible to convert a savage internal mag rifle to one with a detachable mag. New Dasher Brass out of AICS Mags w/ Primal Rights Follower. If you find product , Deals. I will call in short name as Savage Aics Magazine For many who are searching for Savage Aics Magazine review. The MTD chassis are great but at over $500 with the stock it is a bit much & you still need an AI/AICS magazine at $109 ea!! AR-10 mags are like $39 each . Love the AICS magazines which now are discontinued and they do not make a 5 round mag for this configuration so after searching I found a Co. 62 AC/AICS Short Action 10 Round I stumbled across a video of a guy who had converted an ar-15 mag to fit into his savage axis . The Savage 10 FCP uses a center feed magazine system. 62 AC is ideal for competition or combat use. Mile High Shooting Accessories All prices are in USD . 308Win, . Win Tactical; Proof Research. The action should only touch on the V of the bedding block and back of the recoil lug. 400″. Also, they have 2 choices of 10 round Magazines if you are using a . Click the button below to add the MDTTAC 908690: . High quality DBM parts for your bolt action rifle. 223 Rem, . That cannot be said for these parts. Our custom magazines are always welded -- never glued. – New for 2014, Ashbury Precision Ordnance Mfg (APO) introduces two new short and long action SABER®-FORSST® modular rifle chassis systems (MRCS) for popular Savage Arms Models 10FCP and 110BA rifles chambered in . I wanted one with th dm but found a good deal on one with an internal mag. If you are recycling some parts from your AR or buy some of the items used, you’ll save even more. 308 Winchester 10 Round Magazine available at a great price in our Rifle Mags collection Reading for your Aics Short Action 308 Winchester Magazine 10 Rounds customer reviews. The rifle is available in . Kit comes with a four-round steel box magazine and a precision-cast aluminum trigger guard - both are finished and fit like factory components. 275" in Short Action is of a light weight construction using a structural strength Alloy (AL6061 T6) and is finished with a durable anodize coating in matte black. 22 to go in it? Can't choose between a Savage Mark II or a Marlin XT-22 but leaning towards the Savage because of the aftermarket stuff available. In our opinion, the HACT trigger is clearly superior to the trigger on the Ruger RPR, as well as the Savage AccuTrigger. It’s like the designers at Savage Arms had AX AICS Kits benefit from a Cerakote ceramic polymer firearm coating. Original Ruger PR at $1299 w/upgrade this year to $1599. Designed and manufactured in the United States since 2010. thanks in advance for any help you can give on this The oldest continuously manufactured bolt-action rifle in North America is now even better. 400" or Stager Feed 4. Here’s how it functioned, handled, and performed at the range. A look at the cdi precision gunworks bottom metal as well as what it took me to make it work. NEW Spuhr Hunting Line. Long or Short actions These followers will not A work with the new center feed magazine boxes. which resulted in all action screw spacing being converted to 4. 62x51 AICS Short-Action Magazine is made of durable polymer. 16 Oct 2016 I actually bought this particular Savage 10FP back in 2003. 308 based cartridges, such as 6. Rhineland arms stock (AICS copy) for Savage . 050” overall length; 3. 99 for my Savage, a big difference than the few bucks you mention. Compatible with AICS-spec bottom metal. ACCURACY INTERNATIONAL SHORT ACTION AICS MAGAZINES 308 WINCHESTER Short Action AICS Magazine 308 Winchester 5rd Steel Blued Traduction automatique Description - Fabricant Qualit pr cision acier bo te amovible magazine est con u pour passer le m tal fond exactitude International ch ssis syst me AICS et Badger Ordnance Plus R f rence 100005887 Legacy Sports Detachable Conversion Kit Magazines (Plastic) Howa, Remington & Weatherby Actions 10 Round 243 Win, 308 Win, 7mm-08 Rem After seeing my first 10-round Savage magazine in the wild for $80 at Cabela's I decided I was just going to take the plunge and switch to AICS mags. Paid $ 888. 300 Winchester Magnum and . No conversion but there is a rifle - Mossberg MVP in 308 Savage 10BA Magazine . Hi,Heres a conversion to a Savage model 10 FLP in . It provides an affordable option for rapid-deployment applications or as a patrol rifle, all in the proven 7. Badger Ordnance offers a larger variety of scope ring heights, sizes, and accessories than any other manufacturer in the firearms industry. Custom fit. 223 Poly Magazine for the Legacy AICS Chassis FDE to your wish list. 275" Hole Spacing) Find the lowest price on all type of 10/110, 11/111 and 14/114 on our website and satisfy all your 10/110, 11/111 and 14/114 needs. Show with a Weaver Tactical 3-15x50mm scope. Given that telling their unmatched understanding, transformed furthermore at this point accommodated zero in excess of on your own. The 10 BA Magazine . 400") DBM Low Bolt Release. 308 Winchester sniper rifle with a detachable box magazine, you really couldn’t ask for much more. Savage Arms has earned a solid reputation for making highly accurate, quality rifles at an affordable price. Shop our vast selection and save! . If not in stock, please allow 6 to 10 weeks for delivery. Each magazine is hand crafted by adding a steel extension to a standard Savage magazine. Magpul Pmag 10 7 62ac Aics Short Action Magazine 7 Description. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. 308 Win, Savage Arms part number 55183. 308 Winchester - 20"Carbon Steel Barrel - 1:10" Twist Rate - 10 Round Detachable Box Magazine - Savage AccuTrigger - Factory Blue Printed Savage Action - Monolithic Aluminum Chassis Machined from Solid Billet - Magpul M-LOK Compatible The Savage has everything the Remington does except with a little less aftermarket support. Easy and fast. 223. Hoosier Gun Works Online Catalog Gun Parts Ruger. 62 AC is a reliable and durable polymer magazine compatible with . 223 / 10 round (composite) . The Model 10 is a short action version of the long action Savage Model 110 . Magpul's PMAG 5 7. The BA 110 in 338 Lapua Magnum uses 3. 223 magazine shares the same exterior dimensions as the 308 magazines; 3. Find great deals on eBay for savage conversion kit. ), Winchester Short Action (All Post '64), Winchester Long Action, Short Box (308 Win Length), Winchester Long Action Magnum Length (7MM Rem Mag A combat proven feature of all our sniper rifles is the polymer and alloy chassis (not merely a stock), which provides the rigidity, strength and durability necessary to provide a stable, rugged platform for the barreled action in all weather and in any environment. Savage Aics Magazine. XLR Industries is the leading manufacturer of full aluminum precision rifle Chassis Systems for competitive shooters, hunters & hobbyists alike. 10 round Polymer magazines designed by MDT. We've more details about Detail, Specification, Customer Reviews and Comparison Price. Delivery will be somewhere around the end of the second week of July. 308 Winchester 10 Rounds Ste Magpul PMAG 7. savage 10 aics conversion

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