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The default Debian Linux installation CD/DVD may not contain proprietary firmware (drivers) for your hardware. To change this behavior and put the /tmp directory on tmpfs, type: # systemctl enable tmp. You know, folder /tmp in Server, if you use other partition as /tmp , and you running Apache, LiteSpeed, MySQL … they are using /tmp to store temp files, session, and swap cache. /tmp/mount has already removed. Assume that the current Linux is installed on device /dev/sda and that the GRUB stage1 bootloader is also installed on /dev/sda. x) and /dev (when using DevFS). AuFS started as an implementation of UnionFS Union File System. I compare the /proc/mounts before umount /tmp/mount and after umount /tmp/mount. Does anyone have an idea why it does not work in the c++-program? I assumed, that the problem was in my file operations code, but after i comment the whole file operations (doing only mount and umount) the problem is still there. And it looks a bit similar to fstab but not the 100% same ( notice rw and ro for read/write and read only ) And it does only lists the mounted devices ! Volume (Partition) Management Commands. sudo umount /tmp I get. (In some cases useful info about processes that use the device is found by lsof(8) or  Use umount -l /tmp and see if that helps you get past this barrier in the Installing it from a temporary linux run as virtual machine works  Sep 8, 2017 Linux may report “device is busy” when we try to umount a filesystem. Offline @DevSolar Your suggestion about the option for an individual partition provokes an additional reason for the OP's question. Usually, the vmware-config-tools. This tutorial will help you to mount and unmount filesystem in Linux system. Permission denied errors are to be expected when attempting to read the symlink due to /tmp having the sticky bit set. $ df -T /tmp Filesystem Type 1K-blocks Used Available Use Mounted on /dev/xvda1 xfs 10471148 1200652 9270496 12% / $ $ sudo umount /tmp umount: /tmp: not mounted It appears that /tmp is off of tmpfs. If you attempt to install a tar installation over an RPM installation, or the reverse, the installer detects the previous installation and must convert the installer database format before continuing. How to umount /tmp, /usr, /var and /home I've done this because the micromanaging has helped me in the past deal with this problem and fat32 volumes are very easy to deal with if problems arise (They can be unmounted as pure information volumes and their corrupt clusters can be weeded out). 2. faster) device as /tmp. For this to work, you will need to have a C compiler installed in the guest. When we use magento or other CMS there is some configuration to write temporary data in /tmp directory as this is different mounted directory which m After cancelling the process in terminal with "Ctl+C" I can umount the device wit "umount mountpoint". For as long as GNU/Linux systems have existed, system administrators have needed to recover from root filesystem corruption, accidental configuration changes, or other situations that kept the system from booting into a "normal" state. Linux uses a directory tree structure. So I've been a long time fan of OpenWRT, the mini-linux distribution that the Orbi firmware is built root@RBR50:~/mnt# umount /tmp/mnt/sda1 The programs mount and umount maintain a list of currently mounted Since Linux 2. So I tried to unmount it using: At a previous job, before I got there the admins had set up /tmp noexec, but I discovered that the db2 package wouldn't install. How to Create a RAM Disk in Any Linux Distro. -f Forcibly unmount a file system. sh file. I am guessing this might be because the connection timed out. Since Linux 2. 4. DOS and Linux will interpret the contents differently. Using umount -l calls a "lazy" unmount. noarch instack-undercloud-8. I compare the stat /proc/mounts before umount /tmp/mount and after umount /tmp/mount. But, my mistake, I forgot to umount the config/tmp before reboot and now the NAS does not boot anymore sudo umount /tmp. Re: [SOLVED] Failed unmount temporary directory on shutdown -x is mostly useless. The first step is to check if /tmp is already secure. Maybe something in that thread can help you. Dec 1, 2018 Or do a lazy unmount (umount -l /tmp) . How to use tmpfs on CentOS 7 on the fly or in the /tmp folder. 1M 308G 1% /tmp swap 308G 112K 308G 1% /var/run swap  Aug 9, 2015 On Linux, UNIX, and similar operating systems, file systems on different partitions and To attach or detach a file system, you can use the mount or umount command respectively. Unmount the volume and unmap the kernel device: umount /tmp/rook-volume rbd unmap /dev/rbd0  May 28, 2019 File systems in Linux and Unix-like operating systems like macOS can tmp stands for temporary—instead of on a persistent storage device. If there is some damage to the Linux file system, you can fix it using fsck utility. This article is useful for those users and system administrators who want to mount remote file system on their local systems for whatever purposes. However, there are a few utilities, that allow you to upgrade your system BIOS under Linux. I wanna mount my volumes in bash, since there's been some challenge with my Ubuntu GUI. Mounting USB drive is no different than mounting USB stick or even a regular SATA drive If you want to avoid this new way to mount and automount file systems, Linux made systemd backwards compatible with the old method. mount. If everyone who As part of an automated VM creation system a block device is mounted to a temporary folder ( /tmp/whatever ) . See Example 2. e. 1. umount tmp umount serverdata umount boot cd . The Exploit Database is maintained by Offensive Security, an information security training company that provides various Information Security Certifications as well as high end penetration testing services. The mount command allows the root user to manually mount . # systemctl is-enabled tmp. Re: Why can't I unmount /tmp ? Unfortunately, fuser is only 50% complete in reporting processes that have a file or directory open. Now open /scripts/securetmp and look for this line:. About tmpfs: This is a command use Memory as a Temp Directory, all data will be deleted after reboot. mount has the following return codes (the bits can be ORed): 0. 3. Most manufacturers provide a Windows executable or a BIOS executable that can only be run under Windows. (Only for NFS mounts. The commands in Table 13-1 have been extended with additional options to support Oracle ACFS. Note: When installing VMware Tools in some versions of Linux, the installer will need to recompile VMware Tools. The following tutorial will show you how to Install Knoppix 5. When /var is mounted, it will make the /var/tmp directory on the root filesystem inaccessible. In order to find the device that corresponds to your FFS partition, run: sfdisk -l; Disk /dev/hda: 155061 cylinders, 16 heads, 63 sectors/track Warning: extended partition does not start at a cylinder boundary. Deploy OSP13 undercloud 2. If I unmount RAM disk sudo umount /tmp/ramdisk/. Also, anything in /tmp would get lost when the computer reboots, which can be a good thing. Now, if you check the new configuration, this is what you get: # df -k /tmp Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on tmpfs 508988 8 508980 1% /tmp cd vmware-tools-distrib sudo . qcow2 Steps to reproduce: 1. 6-2. Mount You Must Specify The Filesystem Type centos,Mount You Must Specify The Filesystem Type ubuntu, Mount You Must Specify The Filesystem Type in Linux Mounting JFFS2 Images using RAM. This lesson explains important Linux mount options. e48mtbV2 tmpfs mount point Environment: diskimage-builder-2. Even if you untar the db2 package somewhere else, the install procedure copies some files to /tmp and expects to be able to execute it, which of course failed with permission denied. For Linux virtual machines, you manually install or upgrade VMware Tools by using the command line. This behavior is reasonable as it can help us avoid data loss by  Sometimes you try to unmount a disk partition or mounted CD/DVD disk or device , which is accessed by other users, then you will get an error umount: /xxx:  Jun 19, 2018 To protect data integrity, it's best to unmount a volume before resizing or detaching it. Use mount Command. Node. el7ost. How to Increase tmp Partition size (/tmp) in cPanel Server Sometimes we have default configured /tmp directory space is very less and not fulfilling our requirement. The umount command is used to manually unmount filesystems on Linux and other Unix-like operating systems. Linux umount command to unmount a disk partition. If your CD-ROM drive is not /dev/cdrom or if the mount point for a CD-ROM is not /mnt/cdrom, modify the following commands to reflect the conventions used by your distribution. Jun 10, 2019 mount -t nfs -o remount /mnt/nfs # umount /mnt/nfs # umount -f /mnt/nfs # umount - l /mnt/nfs # umount -lf Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)  Jan 31, 2007 It is possible, though difficult, to resize a Linux root partition while it's still mount none /tmp/tmproot -t tmpfs umount /tmp/tmproot/proc Now you can simply issue the 'kill' command to close all the applications forcefully. pids`. It will free the partition /dev/sda1 to umount. ) Protip: If your “/tmp” mount on a linux filesystem is mounted as overflow (often sized at 1MB), this is likely due to you not specifying “/tmp” as its own partition and your root filesystem filled up and “/tmp” was remounted as a fallback. To Repair Linux ext2 or ext3 or ext4 file system, run the following commands as root user. If your This article aims on providing information on flashing your system BIOS under Linux. Before a user can access a The mount and umount commands require root user privilege to effect changes. Because the /tmp directory is used by all applications and users, an If you have lots of processes that use "/tmp", it should help speed up your system. In some cases you may get compiler warning messages during the VMware Tools installation. Would both unmount the filesystem on /dev/hda1 if it is mounted on /mnt. Since /tmp is most likely already included in /etc/fstab the easiest option would be to run mount -a. You can also try the umount command with –l option on a Linux based system: # umount -l /mnt Where,-l : Also known as Lazy unmount. I get umount: /tmp: device is busy. Steps to repair the file system using fsck. I had a somewhat similar issue (the umount of /home and /tmp failed, though shutdown did not hang). One method of mounting JFFS2 images uses the mtdram module to emulate an MTD device using system RAM. 2. An union filesystem takes an existing filesystem and transparently overlays it on a newer filesystem. mount (optionally with -b or -e) could be more helpful (at least it would not throw tons of garbage ) I am not sure if this is a systemd issue tbh. Return Codes. Table 13-1 contains a summary of the Oracle ACFS commands for Linux and UNIX. The reasons are are pretty obvious: you could really confuse programs like ls (ls -R), find and of course fsck if you created links that recursed back to themselves. 0 it is possible to remount part of the file hierarchy /etc/mtab. 116 added the umount2() system call, which, like umount(), unmounts a target, but allows additional flags controlling the behaviour of the operation: MNT_FORCE (since Linux 2. If you want to let every one to use the RAM disk, then change its permission. This will mkdir /tmp/tmproot mount -t tmpfs none /tmp/tmproot mkdir . noarch rhel-guest-image-7. umount /tmp mount -a In "Linux"  What is umount? 3 umount examples Syntax and Options Related Commands umount stands for unmount, which unmounts the file system. mount disabled Configuration Change. Unmount the Block device. Hi. You can also free a loop device by hand, using 'losetup -d' or 'umount -d'. However, the control panel and drivers will still work correctly. Delete any umount /dev/cdrom . In my case it was manifested by me being unable to log onto a GUI (e. Use Linear Append Mode to allow /tmp to grow if it needs to. Umount and remount /dev/shm for the changes How to convert CentOS root file system to XFS. We'll also look at the switches you can use with mkdir and the proper syntax you need to use to make the command work correctly. mysqld 2579 mysql 11u REG 7,0 0 6103 /tmp/ibBSaB7w (deleted) Then retry to umount the device like : umount /tmp_device_name //You'll get device from /etc/fstab. Note: Some Linux distributions automatically mount CD-ROMs. Contribute to mw-white/node-linux-mountutils development by creating an account on GitHub. pl configuration file runs after the installer file finishes running. It works well for ext2 or ext3 or ext4 File Systems. Everything in that directory will be lost and RAM usage goes down to  Feb 27, 2013 To be able to remove the HDD in my case the Linux swap also need to nano ( or vi) /jffs/scripts/unmount-hdd. It is also possible to use the persistent feature after completing this tutorial allowing you to save changes back to the stick. You can mount a filesystem on any directory and access content by entering to that directory. A filesystem in this context is a hierarchy of directories that is located on a single partition (logically independent section of a hard disk drive) or other device, such as a CDROM, DVD, floppy disk or USB key drive, and has a single filesystem type (i. 25 is supported auto-destruction of loop devices and then any loop device allocated by mount will be freed by umount independently on /etc/mtab. I also use fuser -vm /tmp/mount, could not see any process hold this folder. It appears that /tmp isn't being mounted anywhere specifically, but is being thrown in on the root. I'm guessing unmounting is a fairly straightforward umount. First make a directory which can be anywhere in the file system such as. Unless the storage device is mounted to the tree structure, the user can't open any of the files on the computer. 116) Force unmount even if busy. MOUNT_NAMESPACES(7) Linux Programmer's Manual MOUNT_NAMESPACES(7) NAME top mount_namespaces - overview of Linux mount namespaces DESCRIPTION top For an overview of namespaces, see namespaces(7). By joining our community you will have the ability to post topics, receive our newsletter, use the advanced search, subscribe to threads and access many other special features. . If none is specified, then umount will attempt to unmount all file systems in /etc/mnttab, with the exception of certain system required file systems: /, /usr, /var, /var/adm, /var/run, /proc, /dev/fd and /tmp. You are currently viewing LQ as a guest. /etc/mtab This file handles the mounted devices and is automatically updated by the mount command. Mostly, each Linux/Unix operating systems provides mount command. 1. Therefore, tmpfs can grow to fill the available system memory and swap. /vmware-install. Before we proceed any further, we’ll briefly explain how to add a new hard disk to an existing Linux server. -u tmp. Linux uses all the memory that is not in use by programs as a unified disk-cache but my experience is that ramdisks give you despite that still some speed increase. 6-215. This article helps you to prepare your removable media to load missing firmware We use cookies for various purposes including analytics. Interrogate Your File System With mount. If you are using desktop manager, you will most likely be able to use it to mount USB drive for you. Installing and Partitioning a New Hard Disk in Linux. Bug 468458 - System hangs on shutdown trying to umount busy nfs filesystems. For your convenience, the following sections explain how to set up a separate boot partition on CentOS 6. From this reason, it is up to the user to load this non-free firmware during the Debian Linux installation. Linux Lab 6 - Create Your Own Block Device (c) Paul W. The mount and umount commands require root user privilege to effect changes. I struggled with the "mount" command also it's man page, but I didn't succeed in the end. Das U-Boot, often abbreviated to just U-Boot, is a bootloader commonly used on embedded systems. By continuing to use Pastebin, you agree to our use of cookies as described in the Cookies Policy. 116 added the umount2() system call, which, like umount(), unmounts a target, but allows additional flags controlling the behaviour of  Feb 23, 2013 If your “/tmp” mount on a linux filesystem is mounted as overflow (often To fix this after you've cleared space, just unmount the fallback and it  Jul 10 16:20:20 lenovo2 systemd[1]: tmp. Mount namespaces provide isolation of the list of mount points seen by the processes in each namespace instance. success 1 Whether it is out of necessity or through choice, the mount, umount and remount commands give you the ability to take control of this important aspect of your Linux system. Recently something changed, the temporary mount is busy and refuses to umount. I was not able to ls that drive anymore. Wouldn’t it be great if Linux actually told you what was keeping the drive busy? mount - Unix, Linux Command Manual Pages (Manpages) , Learning fundamentals of UNIX and Linux in simple and easy steps : A beginner's tutorial containing complete knowledge of Unix Korn and Bourne Shell and Programming, Utilities, File System, Directories, Memory Management, Special Variables, vi editor, Processes For instance, some people like to have /tmp and /var/tmp synonymous, and make /tmp be a symbolic link to /var/tmp. openstack overcloud image build fails with ERROR: failed to umount the /tmp/dib_image. Below is a full look at how to create directories with mkdir. Next Steps. The following commands are for systems with uniquely setup LVMS defining each partition inside of a volume group (typically named 'rootvg'). swap 308G 1. Various scripts install and configure the VM prior to it's first run. The Linux mount command is used to mount USBs, DVDs, SD cards, and other types of storage devices on a computer running the Linux operating system. cd /tmp umount /mnt shutdown -r now. /dev/mapper/vg0-tmp on /tmp type ext4 (rw) Oct 3, 2011 To fix this, we need to do file system check (fsck) for /tmp partition. The size of the tmpfs file system is not limited by default. Overview. If your distribution uses automounting, do not use the mount and umount commands below. sudo mkdir /tmp/ramdisk. What's the best Linux OS? Compare Novell and Red Hat Linux You probably know that reading from RAM is a lot of faster than reading files from the hard drive, and reduces your disk I/O. Connecting using CIFS from Linux (root@linuxhost)~ # umount /tmp/mount. Oracle ACFS Command-line Tools for Linux and UNIX Environments. filesystem shrink linux. tmp. Unmounting is done through the "umount" command, which can be given a device or a mount point so: sudo umount /mnt sudo umount /dev/hda1. However, to really get to know your server, take the time to explore systemd and the other changes to your distribution. OK, I Understand It is important to umount a device before removing it since changes to files may have only partially been written and are completed as part of the umount. Poteete 2016 (Run these options as root) 1) Create an empty file in the tmp directory. 6. /tmp might reside on a faster device as the / root filesystem (and by this also the /var directory) and the of the given fstab line wanted to have any temporary data using the same (i. Alternately, specific privileges to perform the corresponding action may have been previously granted by the root In this guide, we will show how to move the home directory into a dedicated partition possibly on a new storage disk in Linux. umount /tmp/dev I plugged /home in for /dev and /export/home for /tmp/dev and executed without the xargs command on the end (I wanted to see what it was going to output): /export/home Its counterpart umount instructs the operating system that the file system should be disassociated from its mount point, making it no longer accessible and may be removed from the computer. and . umount -l /home. The main purpose of writing this article is to provide a step-by-step guide on how to mount remote Linux file system using SSHFS client over SSH. To unmount a volume, you need to know its mount point,  Linux 2. js wrapper for Linux mount/umount. Delete /usr/tmpDSK (rm -rf /usr/tmpDSK). 5. conf so I created one - and it still complained that packages couldn't run files from /tmp duing an upgrade (preconfigure). my volume is /dev/sda10, with name "tmp_ext4". Before we do fsck, we need to unmount the directory but following error  I think the trick is to unmount it but am unsure how to do this - thanks ;) I changed the format for this partition to linux-swap but still when i boot  Feb 3, 2011 The above command will un-mount the /tmp partition (if you are getting ioctl: LOOP_CLR_FD: Device or resource busy try umount /tmp once  Feb 25, 2014 (1) The Disk space of /tmp partition might be full (2) /tmp got a new In this case, simply unmount the /tmp . Mount has a great many options, but to list all of the mounted file systems on your computer requires no options at all. First un-mount the file system Inspecting the Content of an Initrd File Jun 24 th , 2006 | Comments If you want to look what is inside of an initrd file (don’t ask me why I needed this ;)), here you can find some information on how you can do that. cd /tmp. gnome) from GDM3 -- I would get booted back to the login screen. , method for organizing data). If mount points are specified, umount will only umount those mount points. entries that mkdir creates itself). Considering /tmp is using tmpfs, change the current directory to /tmp, then create a file and create a symlink to that file in the same /tmp directory. Using the Tar Installer on Linux Guests: Some Linux distributions use different device names or organize the /dev directory differently. mount: Mount process exited, Tried ` systemctl stop tmp. (rw,gid=5,mode=620) /dev/sda1 on /boot type ext3 (rw) /tmp on /var/tmp type none (rw,noexec,nosuid,bind) Mount (computing) · mtab · util- linux  borg mount /path/to/repo /tmp/mymountpoint $ ls /tmp/mymountpoint root-2016- 02-14 root-2016-02-15 $ borg umount /tmp/mymountpoint # Mounting a specific  cannot unmount filesystem lsof and fuser do NOT show it as busy /usr/local/bin/ lsof /tmp COMMAND PID USER FD TYPE DEVICE SIZE/OFF NODE NAME  Jun 13, 2016 Unmount all unused filesystems: umount -a. Resize a live root FS - a HOWTO By Andrew Wood on January 31, 2007 7:30 AM It is possible, though difficult, to resize a Linux root partition while it's still mounted. g. (In some cases useful info about processes that use the device is found by lsof(8) or fuser(1)) Since earlier questions were just solved by running the above command,I am posting a new question about this find out any remedies if possible umount directory umount device Note that unless you are logged in as root , you must have permissions to unmount the file system (see Section 2. Most Linux and Unix file systems don't allow hard links to directories (except for the . Yes, just run umount /tmp. sh /bin/umount /tmp/mnt/Data Jan 27, 2016 Learn to mount your Linux filesystems; configure and use removable USB, Mount and unmount filesystems manually; Configure filesystem For example, you might mount filesystems on hard drive partitions as /boot, /tmp,  Of the 15 servers, 7 servers fai | The UNIX and Linux Forums. The filesystem will still be mounted but you won't be able to see  In computing, mount is a command in various operating systems. pl. It happens all the time doesn’t it? You need to unmount a CD or you want to pack away the external drive but when you try to umount it you get the dreaded “device is busy” message. When the system is booted, before the /var filesystem is mounted, a /var/tmp directory residing on the root filesystem is used instead. U-Boot can be used on the RPi to add flexibility by allowing other boot configurations to be used on top of the single specified file on the SD card. Some Linux distributions use different device names or organize the /dev directory differently. Detach the filesystem from the filesystem hierarchy now, and cleanup all references to the filesystem as soon as it is not busy anymore. kill -9 `cat /tmp/sda1. I'm not quite sure how to go about remounting it. This file contains the mounting file system table information after system reboot and /etc/mtab holds the current mounted table information. conf This didn't work for me - I had no /etc/apt/apt. tmpfs is a file system that will keep all files and folders in the virtual memory. The article suggests adding two lines to /etc/apt/apt. It is important to umount a device before removing it since changes to files may have only partially been written and are completed as part of the umount. In fact, you can mount any number of filesystems to the same mount point, and the mount point will act like a stack; unmount the current filesystem, and the last-most-recently mounted filesystem will reappear from underneath. It allows files and directories of separate filesystem to co-exist under a single roof Mount. 2:06:00 PM devices, filesystem, fstab, linux, memory, mount, remount, resize, shm, size, tmp, tmpfs, umount, unix No comments There are times when the tmp file system may become full and a need arises for resizing (or increasing the size) of the file system. Summary: System hangs on shutdown trying to umount busy nfs filesystems It is designed for Redhat but should work on any linux varient. The following options can be provided when umounting a device with umount: Linux 2. (we'll create a 500MB disk) sudo -s cd /tmp dd if=/dev How you do this depends on the version of Linux running on the server. If your CD-ROM drive is not /dev/cdrom or if the mount point for a CD-ROM is not /mnt/cdrom, you must modify the following commands to reflect the conventions used by your distribution: oracle mysql clone db2 linux apache rman zabbix RIP hp lvm ms sql openldap Oracle VM openssl ssh percona expdp freebsd impdp logshipping backup and restore centos dd performance tuning putty snmp NFS RAC bash cisco email iscsi ldap netapp openssh socat tomcat traceroute udev vmware vnc vsp windows LUN awr bonding chroot clusterware controlfile To attach to a CIFS share or export using a Linux operating system, use a CIFS client. 16. 9, “Unmounting a CD” for an example usage. The mention of /dev/root in the device column is due to its being listed in /etc/mtab. The following tutorial explains how to mount USB drive in Linux system using terminal and shell command line. 2, “Specifying the Mount Options” ). This is a typical Linux installation. In Linux terms, these directories are called mount points. Without this option If you create a root file system out of a running Linux system, use the -e option for mksquashfs to exclude all pseudo-filesystems such as /proc, /sys (on linux kernels after 2. org, a friendly and active Linux Community. After a while, it stopped working. 1 to a USB Flash Drive using the Knoppix Live CD. As root (su -), mount the VMware Tools virtual CD-ROM image, change to a working directory (for example, /tmp), uncompress the installer, then unmount the CD-ROM image. mount` or even `umount /tmp` and see what  There is an alternative on Linux though. Ubuntu PC, SD Card, SD Card adapter, Parallella board On the PC's terminal: Install PCLinuxOS MiniMe to a Flash Drive from CD This tutorial covers the process of installing PCLinuxOS MiniMe to a USB flash thumb drive from within a Linux operating environment (using the Live CD). Hi, I just received my brand new TS 809 PRO Nas and followed the Qnap wiki to make a autorun. /tmp. Create /blarg, mke2fs /blarg, mkdir /tmp/extra, mount /blarg /tmp/extra -o loop , have things write their crud to /tmp/extra , umount /tmp/extra && rm /blarg when you're done. x86_64. Options. @DevSolar Your suggestion about the option for an individual partition provokes an additional reason for the OP's question. Problem: I mounted a disk from a remote Linux server and was able to use it. Aug 25, 2016 linux ramdisk tmpfs. All other Linux and UNIX file system commands operate without change for Oracle ACFS. umount: /tmp: device is busy. $ umount / tmp / tmp: Device or resource busy $ umount /tmp /tmp: Device or resource busy It seems like /tmp directory is locked to be unmounted due to some files are already in process/being opened/being executed by some other processes. How to Force Linux to Unmount a Filesystem Reporting "device is busy" tagged Bash, Command line, Howto, Linux, SSH, Tutorial. Welcome to LinuxQuestions. How to Install Linaro Saucy Nano (minimal headless system) Requirements. This blog content was mainly for Linux SysAdmin and Oracle DBA AuFS stands for Another Union File System. This is Changing the permissions for /tmp is important -- if they aren't generous enough it can cause all sorts of issues. The important mount options are auto,noauto,user,nouser,exec,noexec,ro,rw,sync,async,defaults If you build Linux from scratch, you will have to write your own /etc/fstab file. This works well for JFFS2 images that are less than approximately 32 MB but will not work for larger images since it requires allocating a large amount of system RAM. sudo chmod 777 /tmp/ramdisk And, if you umount your tmpfs-based /tmp, your original mounted /tmp filesystem will reappear. How to force unmount a busy device in Linux. 0-2. How to Limit the Size of the tmpfs File System. What is the best way (options, those numbers on the end) to mount a /tmp partition in /etc/fstab in terms of security and speed on a desktop (laptop) computer (read: not server)? lsof +D /tmp/mount could not see anything. In trying to determine what might still be keeping a file open I've checked: Tests run To be more accurate, you should run df /tmp/: if /tmp is a symbolic link, then df /tmp lists information about the location of the symbolic link, whereas df /tmp/ lists information about the target directory. Make the /tmp partition N times as large as you think it needs to be. Warning: Flashing Firstly I will tell you how to unmount any filesystem you mount after trying these commands. Umount a busy partition Check & close the applications which are using any mounted partition or folder If you are using a separate partition for your applications, you need to mount that partition to a folder. The most common problem is that someone has cd'ed into the /tmp directory structure and fuser can't find the user process. Linux: Create /tmp And Mount as Partition File With the noexec, nosuid, And nodev The nixCraft takes a lot of my time and hard work to produce. This article shows how you can store files and directories in memory instead of on the hard drive with the help of tmpfs (a file system for creating memory devices). Use umount to  A file system residing on a SATA/PATA or SCSI device needs to be mounted manually to access it. linux umount tmp

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