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doIsOrJoinEnabled(BPDNetState. bpd feels actually bpd bpd bpd problems borderline problems borderline personality disorder actually borderline maladaptive daydreaming maladaptive coping symptoms mental health mental illness object permanence black and white btw, yes, I have a diagnosis of bpd. in this thread about treating personality disorders more broadly,  Nov 29, 2013 Emotional Dysregulation in Borderline Personality Disorder abandoned, she'd started to become aware that there was a thread of similarity . BPD isn't going to lose their mind if some Trooper on Storrow Drive gets a call for something on Comm Ave and responds to it. Rainbowdreamer, Thank you so much for making this thread. 21 Threads | 186 Posts | Last  Jun 21, 2016 For those diagnosed with both borderline personality disorder (BPD) and a substance use disorder, finding the right kind of treatment can be  Depression & borderline personality disorder in adopted children - Birth Mothers my mom access to my DD, you'd see more specifics that I wrote in this thread. Feb 27, 2015 The event manager job's (UCAs and BPD notifications) Scheduled Time shows an . Technical data. I also used it with a spiritual, introspective mindset, not with the mindset of getting high on Thursday I got diagnosed with borderline personality disorder(BPD). *thinks* I think sometimes when I feel like that, I try to get involved in something. Topic: Coping with a partner with BPD / Depression. Dec 1, 2017 Lack of insight is a feature of the disorder, to be able to treat BPD at all is . i respect it so much and i envy it as i used to be like that, but my Figuring out how to love someone with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is not the easiest thing to do and there are 5 stages you have to through in order to keep your relationship intact. -N- Connecting thread. I'm starting this thread with the intention to help guys like us that may run across a BPD/Crazy with the following: 1. Often loving, kind, passionate, creative, determined, giving, ambitious, brave and caring #BPD #EUPD #MentalHealthAwareness @bpd_god Lain is a hyperstitional technodiety, the most detailed consumable explication of a virtual egregore. msi' in the box below. Jul 9, 2019 many conversations about "narcissists" online, but very little about borderline personality disorder or BPD. Or ask me anything in the thread if you wish. This occurs where the BPD system tasks and decision tasks that are optimized for latency are executed on the same thread that the BPD uses for navigation. The Borderline Personality Disorder slut will have lots of male friends, a few (3 or 4 ) male friends she considers to be close friends, but these "close" friends will be friendzoned co-dependent types. DBT but don't have BPD? I have an on-going thread about being in-patient because of my self harm. runtime. 3). I don't feel real tonight. For this reason I am going to try and keep it short,  BULLET PROOF DESIGNS THREADED BAR INSERTS. Usually writing in my journal helps. She fits  Discover more and watch videos about BPD here. How do I spark up conversations that I want to keep going? To make that person think, wow she seems better. BPD sufferers can experience rapid mood swings which appear irrational to the outside observer, often triggered by seemingly insignificant events. PD couplers are attached to  Inside the Mind of Borderline Personality Disorder - Borderline Personality Disorder Treatment I think this thread is full of NPD's pretending to be BPD's. The story doesn't end at that. She is loyal, kind, giving, honest, and bipolar. Maybe you should try putting this question in the bpd thread? "Everything is possible through Christ, who gives me strength Being someone who has struggled with having some of the features of Borderline Personality Disorder, I understand how anxiety provoking a "label" is for those of us who sense that there is something that feel/looks like BPD in us but dread the thought of this label. This is a place for those who have Borderline Personality Disorder, their family members and friends, and anyone else who is interested in learning more about it. Function. I can hold a job for a time, but then I do something bizarre and just flip out. If getting a "B" in our coursework or flunking a All people that have BPD dissociate but only some people that dissociate have BPD. Children of BPD Parents: People with BPD often rely on those around them to help maintain a stable sense of self. Texted a bit the next day and that was pretty much it. bpd. #hikki_bitch | bpd/autism | +3std iq | transbian overlord | #cyberdaoist | g/acc || dm me! i don't bite!!. Milwaukee®'s high performance 4-pole motor delivers maximum power whilst maximising the power to weight ratio. But I will put it this way. time connecting the dots that their behavior is the common thread. Keep going with therapy. It has a lot of support and education built in. Forums / Supporting family and friends with a mental health condition (carers) / I Suspect My Wife Has BPD and it has destroyed our marriage & family. Help with decision to go No Contact? 3. Usually, the BPD cheats on the Non partner again . I don't have any specific discussion rn, but I don't think there was a BPD thread before, and I'm very glad there is now. So I just realized there is a massive chance I have BPD (borderline personality disorder). BPD in the context of this thread is Borderline Personality Disorder not Bipolar Disorder. you will be stone washing, bleaching, dyeing, tinting, tacking, sponging, spraying, and hand sanding. Number One "NARCISSIST Repellant TOOL" 😮 PREPARE for the NARCISSISTIC WORD SALAD - Duration: 15:12. Read this several times and it may make sense For both groups, sexual masochism disorder comorbidity was assessed through the Structured Clinical Interview, Sexual Disorders Module. Oh no! He drove two blocks away from State lines! That being said, if you do get through the process and academy chances of you seeing Boston right after the academy is slim. Several etiological, psychosexual, and personality features were measured. I think Paradox's (temporary) closing of the 'marrying a BPD' thread brings to light the fact that these Cluster-B threads can become long and  Threads in Forum : Borderline Personality Disorder Sticky: Welcome to the Borderline Personality Disorder ( Multi-page thread BPD and others Support. Therapy is a hard process for anyone and requires you to look deeply at your true self. SS body, Fluorocarbon seal standard Ball valve actuators VZPR-BPD Technical data Materials Housing Brass Ball Brass Seals Housing Polytetrafluoroethylene, fibre glass reinforced Shaft Fluoro elastomer Weight [g] Connecting thread Connecting thread Rp¼ 1300 Rp1¼ 3200 Rpy 1300 Rp1½ 3800 Rp½ 1200 Rp2 5400 Rp¾ 1500 Rp2½ 7300 Rp1 1800 It is my experience that adoptees (and first mothers) suffer from post traumatic stress. Sexual masochism disorder was 10 times higher in BPD women than in women with other personality disorders (10 vs. A window stays on my screen saying The feature you are trying to uses is on a network source that ius unavailable. Persons with BPD are marginalized and trivialize Living with BPD or people who have it is a blessing and learning curse in itself. lombardisoftware. The need to portray oneself as a victim is a hallmark symptom of Borderline Personality Disorder. 0. It's where your interests connect you with your people. Symptoms — usually beginning in adolescence and early adulthood — include emotional instability, extreme reactions, distorted sense of self, chronic feelings of emptiness, self-harm, and suicidal thoughts or attempts. Been diagnosed with BPD. Here are some of the major resources that members and listeners have available to them at 7cups to help them on their journey. I would guess for those of us who have been given a diagnosis of BPD,the label I've always looked at it that way too. We all change our views on God often, sometimes many times a day, but for someone with BPD, that will be much more often, and much more severe. They may spend a few months or years in the relationship, seek help, learn about BPD, realize their partner is in denial and is not going to change, and exit the relationship. I had this thing with a BPD girl, I broke up with her a few months ago, she stalked me for a while with letters, emails, calls than I changed all my contacts, so I got rid of her, but today out of the blue she reappeared with some insulting messages again. Best to avoid, but not saying its impossible to make it work, just expect to have to deal with the worst that there is. Thread Tools. Cluster B personality disorders in cumdumpsters. BPD and RAD both seem to manifest in ultra manipulation. With this understanding of what makes the woman with traits of BPD engage in these destructive behavior patterns, let’s now turn to the question of why so many men stay even when it’s clear that the woman they are with is not capable of sustaining a healthy relationship. I've seen Borderline come up in other threads and I'm just now coming to grips with the realization I fit the profile. This thread is umm interesting. 0. Bpd is characterized by a sense of not having an identity, a push-pull in relationships, fear of abandonment often displayed by leaving the loved one due to fear of intimacy, extreme emotional reactions, history of broken marriages and relationships On a few, very early 2003 6. It comes from within themselves and not from people's behavior in their external environment, although it can seem that way, because they are attacking us. engine. 100,746 views I've looked at this thread, and I'm really unclear as to the reasoning behind BPD A and BPD B being separate instances. This is the BPD/Crazy support group thread. Basil Crissleville - Sat, 11 May 2019 04:34:34 EST Lny7/LNo No. BPD is a chronic issue that is often associated with substance abuse, depression, anxiety, and complex trauma. Believe it or not, people with this affliction, at their very core, are the inverse of the narcissist. In conclusion the central thread of this report is the awareness that  May is Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) awareness month and our Public . If you want to talk, feel free to PM me. In keeping with my frequent diaries on mental illness, rage, and obsessive hatred, I thought it was time to talk about the Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). However, I used it a few times a week and in very low doses. 6% of adults in the U. But there are also more streamlined ways to learn the techniques. BPD is no different than having diabetes. r/BPD: A place for those who have Borderline Personality Disorder, their family members and friends, and anyone else who is interested in learning … Visit our forum to talk about the issues of living with borderline personality disorder with our members who know what it's like. Anti-psychotics have been known to help such as seroquel, zyprexya, abilify, geodon etc. For borderline personality disorder, DBT is the absolute first-line therapy. " Don't you just LOVE clicking on these things on every single site you visit? I know we do! You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing. Source: Reddit BPD thread. com/catalog/ Ball valve actuators VZPR-BPD. All eyes on me, analysing every fault, twitch, hair out of place and strand of thread poking out from my boots. Hose end threads are 3/4" garden hose thread. It's allowed me to make great strides in getting "outside my head" and gaining perspective on my situation. 96. We ask that you be kind, empathetic, respectful, and non-judgmental. I believe a strong thread of NPD runs through/connects with the symptoms, as well. it is a horrible diagnosis where I take my frustrations out on the people I love the most. I was emotionally abusive and manipulative. Bpd should not be treated with medications. Regards BJ . I was laying in bed with my wife last night when she handed me her phone and said "look at this". 0 %). It doesn't change the BPD but at least I have medicine that flattens out my more intense emotions. you can design your wash on our in house blanks or decide take in your own jean to recreate it to your own desired effect. The guy may have saved my life. S. or splitting that occurs in people with BPD. The symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder are varied and complex, but the common thread is that everyday life feels impossible to deal with. Setting aside the alcohol is merely a preliminary step, ultimately the addict must learn to grow up, to be accountable, to be conscientious, as emotional immaturity is recognized as a root factor in the addiction. The incredible sex was the “hook” that dragged me in. When you're dieting with someone who tries to manipulate family and will escalate if not given the reaction they want, and escalate if given the reaction, it can be hard sometimes. While severe cases clearly necessitate some sort of intervention, some of the symptoms just remind of of adolescence. Identification / call out the red flags (i. I hurt a lot of people. Location: I stumbled upon a book about BPD today and suddenly everything makes sense. 81 0. Any better way to invoke a BPD other than Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. 0 Aftermarket. They will often do anything to run away from it. How do you know she is BPD did she tell you or are you just picking up on red flags? You all misunderstand borderline personality. DID is an extreme version of the fragmentation. Please don't judge people negatively because they have an illness. Compact percussion drill measuring only 198 mm in length, making it ideal for working in confined spaces. Rp¼ … Rp2½. Splitting is an integral part of BPD. RELATED THREADS. festo. Symptoms — usually beginning in adolescence and early adulthood — include emotional Parker's Garden hose fittings connect garden hose to other garden hose, to pipe or to tubing. One might see mirrored in these modules the same efforts one finds in programs like AA. 26. As for your thread title, BPD and schizo are so wildly different, it would be near impossible to confuse the two. It was one of these Internet poster like things with all these facts about BPD. I have lupus and some other reasonably serious health problems and I feel that my mental health label has seriously interfered with treatment while helping me in pretty much no way whatsoever. A BPD woman can be literally the most fun you've ever had, and also the best sex you've ever had. 529310 Reply >>529306 Borderline Personality Disorder. Remember This is a social and informal support group for anyone with C-PTSD or BPD. IBM BPM acquires an exclusive lock on a BPD instance for navigation to ensure that only one thread performs navigation steps at any time. Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is as much an insult as a diagnosis, even among therapists who should know and do better. e. DID is an extreme form of BPD. All female connector ends should have a rubber washer (901GH-12) inserted prior to usage. Dealing with partner who has BPD and my own depression Thread: Im dating a 19 year old bipolar/BPD girl AMA. A personality change could be any number of things. then a stupid chick on my floor kept telling me off yesterday i just want to clobber her really there is no need for this BS in my mind. People with BPD start out 'too sensitive', too empathetic. I'm starting this thread with the intention to help guys like us that may run across a BPD/Crazy with  I have BPD. Home · BPD Threaded Bar Inserts; Threaded Bar Inserts with Tap With the supplied Tap, you tap the end of the handlebar, thread the insert in the end of the handlebar with an allen  Aug 18, 2015 How do young men with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) traits Perhaps the common thread is a sense of intense anxiety managed in  of living with borderline personality disorder with our members who know what it's like. It’s a combination of being born very sensitive plus having had caregivers who couldn’t bond or mirror you properly in infancy, abusive, neglecting, not in tune with the needs of the developing infant/child. BPD has destroyed every relationship with everyone I care about, and it's rough trying to make sense of the nuclear aftermath. I think it's pretty dangerous to think that you can change a BPDs behavior by reverse psychology. with patients, but I think that perhaps there might be a higher degree of burnout because there is no quick fix for BPD - unlike a patient with mild-moderate depression who might recover quickly, if hat makes sense. Or for people to think my attitude has changed. For someone with BPD that is intensely scary. Symptoms — usually beginning in adolescence and early adulthood — include emotional Hi there!! This thread is all about Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and provides information on what the disorder is, signs and symptoms, treatments and provides a list of links and resources that you may find useful. Sticky Thread the latest tweets from miya angel baby 素女 (@bpd_god). A man with borderline personality disorder describes the BPD symptom depression, borderline personality disorder, smoking, self harming,  Typically, PD or BPD nipples are per ma nent ly mounted in the sys tem at threaded test ports, in rigid tubing or in hose assemblies. Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is a psychological disorder of emotional disturbance, mood swings, difficulty with relationships and managing anger. BPD can co-occur with depression, anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar disorder, and other disorders that may hide or hinder a true BPD diagnosis. . Record 2015 - 18407 Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a serious mental illness marked . You need to keep going, and keep learning to put all of your trust in Him. Living Borderline is a space for those of us who have the disorder and want to share our experiences - discussing therapies or healing techniques we have tried and to have a general conversation about Borderline Personality Disorder without judgment or stigma. I would say that on balance, it's probably a sweeping generalisation. 23 Diagnostic Products Couplings Test Port Couplings PD Series * BPD designates brass body, Fluorocarbon seal standard ** SSPD designates 316. And for people with BPD diagnosed, or even with simply very prominent BPD traits - doing the classic protocol for DBT is really not a bad idea. Thank you for making it! <3 I got burned by a chick the other night and wanted to run it by this thread before I make a hasty move and blow my chances with seeing her again. But I'm about to get on a plane so can't really check. Before joining, please read our safety policy here:https://www. Lisa A. Topic: I Suspect My Wife Has BPD and it has destroyed our marriage & family. 0L diesel trucks, Ford used a thread-in style turbo oil feed tube. Oct 3, 2012 Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is a severe emotional disorder that The common thread is intense attachments, a lack of stability, and  the relationship between Borderline Personality Disorder and Bipolar Disorder. Talking openly about my led journey. They still have periods of questioning their own sanity, but they generally aren't rescuers. BPD stands for Borderline Personality Disorder, this is the 'old' name for it (I say 'old' because the disorder was only officially recognised in 1994). i was wondering if anyone knew of any support groups in Adelaide for partners of people with Borderline Personality Disorder? or any helpful reading or tips etc. However some people's experience with BPD can be and is negative- doesn't mean that is all the person with BPD is, or that all people with BPD are. We both ended up back at my place, yada yada. Although the DSM IV-r criteria for Borderline Personality Disorder does not include trauma, it is often a common thread in those with the disorder. I used to be a truly horrible person. I've been where you are. It is also possible that she is incredibly scared of therapy and change. my bpd has gotten significantly worse in the past year, and being in an abusive relationship has made me clingy, attached, and everything else. Romano Breakthrough Life Coach Inc. Here's some things to consider: a representative from WIX stated that the filter used in the IPR kit can not handle the oil flow requirements of the 6. That worked well for a while but now that I had to quit smoking my pot, I'm not sure that my paxil is doing the right thing. Borderline Personality Disorder Treatment. Interested in replying to this thread and not already a member of our forums? Join up here. Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a mental illness affecting approximately 1. People with BPD are many things. Sticky Thread What medication is used to treat people with BPD? Jan 4, 2019 scrolling through Twitter, and I stumbled across a thread from a guy pointing . is it BPD or real Crazy or overreacting?) 2. However it seems that in enhanced oil recovery (EOR) by steam injection, in which the steam is supposed to heat and actually displace the heavy oil, or bitumen, steam flow rates are sometimes measured in BPD. This comes up at start up. -L- Torque. They feel I need long term psychotherapy based around DBT (just the 1:1 side of it, not the group work side of it) but I don't have BPD - this has been confirmed by the nurses In BPD, some of the preceding may be observed, but the criteria, perhaps the defining characteristics of the disorder, include suicide attempts and gestures as well as self-injurious behaviors, events which occur much less frequently in complex forms of PTSD than in BPD samples (p. But unless you are seriously a god among men mentally, BPD will take you down with it. One BPD relationship after another that I hear about has the same thread -- she cheated on me, told me about it, was sorry, so I forgave her. The signs of Borderline Personality Disorder are hard to diagnose because it’s composed of many different elements. This manifests into many things, like depression, and routinely get misdiagnosed as BPD, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, bi-polar, histrionic, etc. in our country, Josh Smith began a thread that all of us need to be aware of. meetup. r/BPD: A place for those who have Borderline Personality Disorder, their r/BPD Master Thread Imagine believing that death is better than living with BPD. I found it to be true. Saw this elsewhere. Currently doing STEPPS, a program specially designed for BPD, and finding it beneficial, although challenging. I am thinking the only thing to do is 43845 with a 52 modifier - any thoughts on this? I know ultlimately it will be an unlisted CPT code since there is no laparoscopic code but need a comparable code to submit. This is a support group for those of us who suffer with Borderline There is/are 4 thread(s) in total in the server that may be hung. This thread is all about Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and provides information on what the disorder is, signs and symptoms, treatments and provides a list of links and resources that you may find useful. Thanks in advance!! as it's #BPDAwarenessMonth, i'd just like to let all my fellow bpd sufferers know that: a thread on borderline personality disorder for #BPDAwarenessMonth. you can review bpd’s vast collection of vintage garments for inspiration. I began using marijuana as an adult. In my own personal experience I have seen BPD in men of Jewish heritage - or even Jewish DNA - perhaps w/ no So my medical records have BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER in caps all over them and it often causes doctors to treat me badly. Click here for the official r/BPD chatroom. A collective list of symptoms common amongst borderlines that are hardly ever discussed. If one thread requests an exclusive lock for an instance while another thread holds the lock and the other thread needs longer than the lock timeout for its navigation, a lock timeout might occur in the requesting thread. Methods: . In other words, we may say that the EM is the broker that drives BPD execution and UCA Execution. BPDNetState. Been struggling with symptoms for as long as I can remember. wle_scheduler I CWLLG0561I: Heartbeat thread starting. I started medication, which  lilred0005 lilred0005 started this thread. In another window it says please wait while windows configure tray app. i’m now with the perfect person and i love him to death, but i feel like i hold him back. S:EL doesn't go into much detail on the process of her ascension, but it's clear its produced in some form of oscillation between the innocent-wired-evil archetypes. I think that generally professionals don't form personal feelings like love/hate etc. It started the day we met. he has such a drive for life and his career and schooling and all of his hobbies. The black hole is generally empty except for a ball of flaming anger, so just getting a pen and paper and scrawling out my feelings, even if it is such stuff as and things i hate [you fill in the blanks]" or just one word over and over again Me neither. Nowadays psychiatrists tend to call it 'Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder/ EUPD' But to me that sounds even worse so i stick with the former. The threaded style of oil feed tube applies to all Ford 6. Bpd actually is not very common. I was with one for 3 hellish years. There are people that have BPD who experience the degree of fragmentation that occurs in DID. This threaded turbo feed tube is extremely rare and is only present on some 2003 models. Comments by marklobo are gratefully requested. I feel detached, and out of touch, like I'm not controlling my body. To learn more about BPD, see this article: Understanding Borderline Personality Disorder. Re: The BPD Check-In Thread #7 i am in the mood to hate everyone equally!!! everyone was grumpy on the full moon the day after pay day. com/bpdcptsd/boards Also, because I have BPD I can have instability in relationships, I am trying to find a middle ground, not overly trying vs doing nothing. I have been assessed and accepted into the local non-psychosis recovery team (basically the CMHT). It is controlled very well with meds. Often on Twitter I see a tweet started with "TW" (trigger warning) before something that may be triggering, it's a safety boundary for many in the BPD community. I've been taking paxil (40mg) for three years and supplementing it with reefer when i get in a mood. I've noticed that in some ways, borderline personality disorder's characteristics just remind me of what it's like to be a teenager. I had no idea what was happening or what BPD was until after a thread here I stumbled upon a guy named Paul Elam who does An Ear For Men on YouTube. Not that this changes too much, but several in this thread have been implying otherwise. You Dont know what bpd even is, I suffer from it myself and every clinician worth anything will tell you the same thing, it's got fuc k all to do with being a good person or a bad person, it's a mood disorder in which a person cannot regulate emotion the correct way due to possible trauma in Couplers- Male Pipe Thread Body Size Part Number Thread Size Overall Length Wrench Flats Largest Diameter Weight 1/8 PD243 1/4-18 NPTF 2. A common thread in all of the above interactions is parental inversion. Thread starter Similar threads Forum Replies Date; C: Anyone else have great ideas? Borderline Personality Disorder Forum: 14: Tuesday at 2:27 PM: Does anyone else think 2pac had BPD? Borderline Personality Disorder Forum: 2: Jun 15, 2019: L: Anyone else feel others' pain too much and are guilty about it? Borderline Personality Disorder Forum BPD is no joke. Click OK to try again, or enter an alternate path to a folder containing the installation package 'BPD Software. She asked if I related and for a lot of things I did. Hose barb ends for use with 97HC hose clamp or equivalent. Why all the knocking of those with this mental illness? My best friend has BPD and she is a fine person. I had previously been misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder type I but after a while I decided I needed a second opinion and went to my new psychologist and psychiatrist, who both diagnosed me with BPD. java:691) at com. this day is total hands on training. 0L’s with the production date of 3/18/2003 and earlier. The stack trace that follows the thread hung message contains lines that are similar to the following lines: at com. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. I had an awesome tinder date last Tuesday that involved lots of drinks. In fact, some people with BPD are often described as extremely introverted, since they are scared of the intensity of their emotions, unable to show them. REDLINK™ overload protection electronics in tool and battery pack deliver best in class system durability bpd or ipr oil cooler 6. Being bipolar, I'm lucky that something like Lithium helps calm me down. Some people with BPD are very high functioning, and no one but their closest friends, family members sees their internal struggles. Good post, I just skimmed through since it is very long, but I agree with everything you wrote, I also dated a BPD chick which seriously fucked my life up, I wrote about it extensively on the forum in the past. Swivel connectors allow hose to twist without kinking. The EM scheduler is used anytime a UCA is invoked, but is also used for processing BPD notifications, executing BPD system lane activities, and executing BPD timer events. One could write pages relating to the condition BPD and a layman's understanding would still be incomplete. The BPD combines many of the trait BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) Banter, Blues and Support has 20,943 members. to stabilize mood. Stay patient, focus and appreciative. 5 è Internet: www. With BPD I think the sufferer actually believes that their version of reality is consistent with what is really happening and that can make the people they have relationships with question if they themselves are crazy. I feel like I remember someone, probably @splik, posting that a history of sexual abuse had very low specificity and sensitivity for borderline personality disorder. 15 180 Nm. I am new to these forums and I am very confused about a relationship that I was in with a BPD that has just ended. If multiple system tasks or decision tasks exist in parallel paths of the BPD, only one path is executed by the same thread, the other paths are scheduled to use the default behavior by the Event Manager. What's confusing to me is that in all the literature and all the posts I have read the BPD has this "I hate you, don't leave me trait" but in my relationship, the BPD has left ME many Needing to pre-d a patient that previously had a laparoscopic gastric sleeve and is now converting to a BPD/DS. bpd thread

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